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Welcome to Male Survivors Berkshire. We provide an information and support service for adult male survivors of sexual abuse and rape; their families, partners and anyone else supporting them.

If you have found yourself here then you are most probably a survivor of sexual abuse or know someone who is. Hopefully you will find the support and information you need on this site but please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.


We offer subsidised counselling sessions, a weekly support group, helpline, on-line message forum and email support.

Whatever means you choose to start healing from the abuse you endured, breaking the silence is the first step.

You cannot heal alone in silent isolation.






  1. Monumental shifts in automatic thinking and reacting that follow us from our younger years is possible. It’s possible through a trusting long term relationship with a therapist. Talk, trust, allow that earth quake to rumble and then allow that land mass to move. Earth was once one super continent called Pangaea but this movement has happened and we turned into thriving individual continents.


  2. Hi,
    Both my sons who are in their 20’s have recently told me that they have been sexually abused by members of a family (related). They were very young at the time and abused by different members of the same family. My younger son reported it to the police and had a video interview. Unfortunately the officer felt it was best not to proceed as she felt that “from mother to mother it would be advisable not to put him through the courts and that I should concentrate on his future.” He felt let down by the system. He cannot move on until he has put this part of his life to rest and understandably this is something he is struggling with. I later found out my older son was abused by the perps sibling. Their emotions are surfacing now and it is painful to see. I do not know the full details but I do understood that it had a harrowing effect on them. There are no counselling services nearby or in the vicinity. I don’t know what to do or how to help them. Any advice would be appreciated.


    • Hi Annie,

      I’m sorry to hear about the situation with your sons, I can only imagine how hard it is for you to see your boys suffer like this. I’ll send you an email so we can chat more and hopefully find a way for you, and your sons, to get some much needed support.



  3. “There are often remnants of childhood feelings, especially shame, guilt, and embarrassment, which persist into adulthood. During adulthood these feelings become even more troubling as the adult process becomes more aware of their possible meaning” (Grubman-Black, 1990, p26).


  4. Hi, need some advice. Last year i found out that my boyfriend was sexually abused when he was 5. The perpertator was sent to prison in 2007 but when my boyfriend had to go to court to be a witness it caused him great distress and unearthed everything that he had tried to forget about for nearly 22 years. This has ruined his life.

    I have received counselling which i found helpful but the counsellor i saw was more of a general counsellor than a specialised one. I find it difficult to talk to people about this as i feel people do not understand. I am supporting my boyfriend the best i can but i can see how badly affected he is by what happened to him and it is very upsetting.

    Can anyone help? Thank you


    • Hi Joanne,

      Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear about the difficulties you are going through. It is important for partners of survivors to be supported as much as survivors themselves. It is extremely upsetting to see and loved one suffering as you describe and you need to be supported, to be able to support your partner.

      You can visit our resources page for further help and advice from other organisations but it depends where you are based as to what help is available.
      Sadly specialised support services for men are sadly lacking in the U.K.

      Your partner is lucky to have your love and support and I wish you all the best moving forward.

      I have emailed you with some more information and I hope it is of help.


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